Technology: Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Around the world there are kids without access to basic information. Mobile Scholars by Verizon helps these kids open a world of knowledge by taking donated smartphones and repurposing them as tools for education.

And yeah, the gorilla is pretty cute.

Print ads will be strategically placed next to iPhone, Android, and other mobile device ads, in order to target those already considering a new phone. 

A series of social media posts will encourage users to donate their used smartphones.


An app store banner ad will make the digital encyclopedia available for $1. The proceeds from these purchases go to the Mobile Scholars program.


In addition to a notification when customers are eligible for an upgrade, they will be asked if they would like to share the cause with their phone contacts after they donate.


CW/Concept/Directing Talent/Storyboards: Rebecca Antonucci
AD/Concept/Directing Talent/Storyboards: Kai Kazuto
MOME: Chris Salvador, Chesney Lattuga, Eddy Nieto
VO: Andrew Katumba Laika