Every night, because their extra food won't last until morning, restaurants are forced to add to the growing food waste epidemic. Last Call is a late night delivery service that helps restaurants reduce food waste, while giving consumers the food they love at discounted prices.

ADC Gold Cube | Young Guns 2015 Bronze |  Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016 | iF Student Design Award | CLIO Student Silver | AAF District Gold ADDY | AAF Local Silver ADDY | CLIO Shortlist 2016 | New York Festivals Finalist

A push notification alerts users when the app opens for the night.

Users enter their delivery address.

Last Call opens just before closing time to let restaurants list what items they have left to sell at discounted prices.

Menu items populate based on the user's location.

Orders are placed on a first come, first served basis. At any time users can see how many items are left for purchase. 

Once the user places an order, they simply click to pay.


Art Director/Motion Media: Taejun Park