GoPro has the most heart pounding footage out there, but “likes” and “thumbs up” can’t show the emotion that hits you when watching their videos. To prove that GoPro videos can physically affect their viewers, we developed a new rating system. By connecting GoPro, wearable heart monitors, and Youtube we created an experience that literally gets people’s hearts racing.

When using GoPro Heart Rating, viewers can share their highest beats per minute score with friends.

Pro athletes’ heartbeat monitors will appear on screen during the X Games and other live stream sporting events. Announcers during the event, as well as a url, will promote the new Youtube rating system and encourage viewers to compare their heartbeat to the pros.

GoPro will host a competition on their Youtube landing page to promote the new rating system. The video with the highest beats per minute average will get a trip to the destination of their choice to film their next stunt.

Art Director/Motion Media: Kai Kazuto
Copywriter: Rebecca Antonucci