We all know those people who are afraid of yogurt. Go ahead, point fingers. To get these people to overcome their fear and give yogurt a try, Dannon will use a matter-of-fact spokescow to do the talking.

These posters will lead to a hotline for cowards where our spokescow will walk them through their deep rooted fears.

On Youtube, a series of 10 second videos will showcase the spokescow.

Dannon will place freeosks in-store to encourage cowards to try a free sample.

For the extra push cowards need, a series of motivational posters will be posted on social media, and users can share them with their coward friends. 

CW/Concept/Directed Talent/Video Editing: Rebecca Antonucci
AD/Concept/Video Editing: Kai Kazuto
Friend willing to wear cow costume: Hannah Rand