To stay true to the Busch brand, we went back to its roots - good, old-fashioned beer ads that make you laugh and move beer off shelves. We brought back one of the most beloved parts of old Busch ads - the BUSCHHHHH can crack. To kick-start our effort we launched during the Super Bowl.

"It’s a simple, elegant gag. The spokesman doesn’t oversell it. Pretty much perfect."
- Thrillist


We responded to fans in real time during the game with Busch branded GIFs.

To extend #BUSCHHHHH beyond the game, we created an integrated effort led by a series of commercials featuring what Busch and our drinkers are known for.

We launched Busch's Instagram channel where we celebrated the brand's history. We used the grid to create a unique timeline leading up to a teaser for the 2017 campaign.


We also redesigned the dated Busch website to be more intuitive. (Click to see full site.)

The campaign extended to OOH, print, digital, and beyond. 

Art Director: Hyobee Kim
ECD: Jeff Vinnick
CD: Heather English | Marques Gartrell